F12 – Removing the Transmission and Clutch from Below

By Robert Olah in the March 2002 RootesReview: The Sunbeam Work Shop manual says to remove the transmission “the engine and gearbox must be removed as a complete unit.” I took my Tiger to Superior Transmission in Peekskill, NY for rebuild and the following are the steps they took to remove the transmission and clutch (more…)

E5 – Six Bolt Conversion Clutch Slave Bracket

by Don Worth, A Mini Tech Tip from the August 1996 RootesReview: When replacing a five bolt 260 CI block with a six bolt 289 (302 or Boss 302) CI block, you will need a new clutch slave bracket per below diagram:

C37 – Alpine V6 Conversion

by Gary Schotland with Larry Atkisson & Joe Rodriguez in the May 1996 RootesReview Imagine an Alpine with performance that will blow the doors off a stock Tiger and embarrass more than a few modified ones: 300+ reliable horses, 0-60 in 5 seconds, and under 12 seconds in the quarter mile, all with the more (more…)

E4 – Clutch Slave Cylinder Tubing

by Ed Esslinger in the March 2003 RootesReview If you have owned an Alpine or Tiger for some time, you will sooner or later experience clutch failure, caused by a broken steel tube between the clutch master and slave cylinder due to engine vibrations. This always happens when you are at least 200 miles from (more…)

E1 – Alpine Clutch Replacement

by Chris Laisi I recently went through a clutch replacement on my ’64 Alpine. I hope the information I found can be of some help to someone attempting to do the job. I have owned the car for eighteen years and have done all the maintenance, but this is the first time the clutch needed (more…)

E2 – Smooth Shifting Clutch Story

by Rich Bakula My 1965 Tiger (Serial No. B9473202) developed an extreme case of chewed flywheel teeth. This was probably started about 12 years ago by a starter gear, which was hanging up on the shaft. When my mechanic (Gary Turner at GT Automotive) took everything apart, we also discovered that the clutch disc had (more…)

E3 – Big Bore Clutch Master Cylinder

by Jim Morrison If you are having a problem with your Tiger’s clutch not fully disengaging, one potential solution is the installation of a clutch master cylinder with a 0.750-inch bore to replace the stock unit (having a bore of 0.625-inches). This will provide greater movement of the clutch arm for the same pedal movement. (more…)

K6 – Brake and Clutch Hydraulic Cylinders

by R. Pennell The hydraulic cylinders of my car were all rebuilt with painstaking care and utmost cleanliness. All internal parts were soaked in Castrol LMA and the completed assemblies stored in airtight ziplock plastic bags. All of this work was completed approx. 1 1/2 to two years prior to installation on the car. Lo (more…)

K9 – Master Cylinder Cleanup

by Jim Morrison In attempting to return the engine compartment in my Tiger to like new condition, I found no way of cleaning the exterior of the clutch and brake master cylinders to remove the discolorations of age. As a last resort, I lightly sand blasted them with very good results. The first step is (more…)

Bulletin 67-53: 7.5-inch Clutch Carbon Throw-out Bearing Wear

GROUP: ClutchSUBGROUP: Throw Out BearingDATE: May 10, 1967 SUBJECT: Wear Of Clutch Carbon Throw Out Bearing MODELS: All Sunbeam Models Fitted With 7.5″ Diaphragm Clutch Some reports of rapid wear of the clutch throw out bearing have been received indicating a lack of movement of the bearing in the clutch fork. When investigating complaints of (more…)