United 40 Rundown

Bowling Green is our destination, and it is conveniently located near the intersection of highways I-65 and I-165, about an hour south of Lexington, KY, and an hour north of Nashville, TN. The registration fee is $185 single/$350 two adults in same car. This will jump to $210/$385 on August 1. Our host hotel is (more…)

Schedule of events

Additional information on all events is available here in the United 40 RundownThis is just the facts!

TV Shows with Rootes Group Vehicles

Just caught a glimpse of a commercial for CW’s Nancy Drew TV show and Dave said, “That’s a Sunbeam!” He rewound (DVR is great!) and indeed it is a blue Sunbeam Alpine. https://thenewswheel.com/nancy-drew-classic-car/ I loved Nancy Drew books when I was a kid…now I’ll have to catch up on the TV show.  Lori Noyes’ Good Karma (more…)

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Suggested Books

Add your suggestions in the comments below Prince Borghese’s Trail: 10,000 Miles over Two Continents, Four Deserts and the Roof of the World in the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge by Genevieve Obert He says it’s a great Rootes (Hillman) story. (First posted in the TEAE Forum by Robert Jaarsma, Jan 18, 2006) The Rootes (more…)

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Movies Featuring Alpines and Tigers

Frank Mooney found an early 1960’s movie “BACHELOR FLAT” with Terry Thomas (English comedy actor) and Tuesday Weld playing a young lovely. It opens with Thomas driving a white, red interior, Series I, wire wheel, Alpine, top down over various streets and byways. A real dumb movie…were we ever really that dumb? Remember the first (more…)

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United 40 Fees and Registration

Skip the info and go straight to the form Before you get started, here are the costs of separate options. Find the list and description of activities here General Fees and Payments In the following chart, early registration fees by July 31 / thereafter increase shown Single registration $185/$210 Couples registration $350/$375 United T-shirt (with (more…)

Sunbeam Jingle

Ron Stein uploaded an original Sunbeam radio jingle from 1965 onto Youtube, digitized from the original 1/4″ reel to reel tape I have. As Youtube requires that video be added to audio tracks, I picked some random historical photos from my computer as a slideshow. Tiger Tom had this jingle on his answering machine way (more…)

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