Tiger Ports of Entry

–  Brian Glenn,California Association of Tiger Owners The 1966 official Rootes dealership directory lists over 500 authorized Rootes dealerships in the U.S., as well as dealerships across Canada. What are sorely missing from the Tiger records are: which dealerships received Tigers, how many, how often and what was their Port of Entry (P.O.E.) into the (more…)

Hard Luck Award

Given to United participants who have the worst luck on the way to or during the event

Cars of United 39

Thanks to Jocelyn Gill and Jack for the fabulous pictures of the United. We’ve separated the pictures of each car by color (yea, I know not the best option, but there are so many!) Check out the Red cars, Blue cars, Green cars, Black cars, and even a Yellow one. If I’ve got your picture (more…)