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McConlogue SV Alpine

TEAE is a vibrant car club with members across North America and even a few overseas. US and Canada are divided into 20 regions with local reps promoting interaction with members on a local level.

Our monthly newsletter, the RootesReview is a full-color publication filled with interesting articles about events, tech tips, Sunbeam Racing, Rootes History, our members and their cars.

Our website has tech information and tips including archived copies of Rootes Factory Service Bulletins, workshop and parts manuals and every Rootes Review since the club was formed. Membership information on the site helps you stay in touch with other members.

In addition, all TEAE members are eligible for a 5% discount on Hagerty classic car insurance*.

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* Hagerty Insurance Offer

Purchase a new policy or renew your existing one and say that you’re an active TEAE member and would like the 5% discount. US policies only. Except for MA, TN, and CA. Other restrictions may apply. Use this link, Existing clients can claim the discount effective at their renewal date. Members of Hagerty’s Private Client Services program should check whether the discount has already been applied.