Club logo on everything: Hats! Shirts! Car chargers!

These are samples of the stitched logos available from Fourth Gear Ltd.
FourthGear has moved to an etsy site.  Our logos do not show there, but if you want something use the contact info in the link above

stitched alpine-1
Choose your custom car color!

stitched logo-1

PLEASE NOTE:  The site is a little complicated to navigate, what with so many options AND a complicated ordering process.  So here are the instructions (also available on the Fourth Gear Website)

  1. View the Logo’s using the links in the left navigation of the site.  You’ll find the Alpine in the British Cars tab and the Club Logo in the club logo tab.
  2. Click on the one you want and click order. (Yep, you’re just choosing the logo now.)
  3. THEN choose the item you want to purchase. Click order.  Make your selection for sizes and colors as appropriate.
  4. If your selection is one of the cars, please specify the body color of the car to be embroidered in the notes in the cart. Also if ordering multiple logo’s please indicate which logo goes with which item in the “Additional Notes” just before you submit your cart.

Club decal

This window cling is included with a new membership package!
They’re great on the inside of the windshield on the passenger side.

membership sticker

We also have these stickers

$1.50 each 4 for $5.

Delivery takes a little while.

Make check payable to TE/AE and send to:

Eric Gibeaut
P.O. Box 10040
Ft. Jackson, SC 29207