We are anxious to publish more of your articles and pictures in the RootesReview and on our website.
We need your help to make this process as smooth as possible for us.

Submissions are due the 20th of each month

Submit to Ed****@TE**.org

  • Electronic submissions are preferred.  Send articles in Microsoft  Word, plain text format (.doc, .docx, .txt files).
  • PDF files are not useful because the formatting ad layout will most likely not match the rest of the RootesReview style
  • Pictures and other graphics must be sent separately as .jpg, .jpeg,  .png format.  These should be ATTACHED to an email, not sent in the body. Full size is best.
  • Include a list of captions for each picture. Names of people, etc. (images included in Word or PDF documents do not reproduce well in the publication, either on line or in print.

If you are unable to meet these guidelines, please use our form to contact the editor to make accommodations.

General information about article length based on the redesign of 2021

It is best to plan on about 500 words per printed page.  That allows room for article title, pictures, captions and sub headings.

Additional information

  • about 750 full page, no title, no headings, no pictures
  • line length in 2 columns is 56 characters (including spaces) or about 9 words

Updated 9/2/2021