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United 41: Autocross Details

Sunday, August 18 The autocross will be held at the track of the Canaan Motor Club.  We piggyback with the SCCNH  which will be autocrossing all weekend. The track is a 1.3 mile long technically challenging road course with nine major turns, and extensive run off areas. With the SCCNH we have to lay out (more…)

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Proposed Changes to Club Documents

At the March 2, 2024 Board Meeting, changes to the bylaws were approved and marked ready for Membership Vote at the August Membership Meeting at the United. Below are two documents: the first explains a summary of the changes proposed. The second is the final proposed bylaws. The summary (the first) is easier to digest. (more…)

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Schedule United 41: Tentative

Thursday: Arrival Register in the afternoon and get an early start on the parts room. The hospitality room will open that evening. Relax and get yourself orientated in the area. And in case your car needs service, there is a Midas shop around the corner. Shopping and dining are both possible within walking distance. Most (more…)

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Tigers in Australia

Australian Classic Car Magazine , 1993 Shared by Jeff Eakin

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Elections for 2024

Please Vote for Officers and Board Members of TEAE Following are the resume’ s of people running for reelection as officers and board members of TEAE. Terms and expirations are listed on the About Us page. The ballot is at the bottom of the page. If there are two people in your membership you may (more…)

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TV Shows with Rootes Group Vehicles

Just caught a glimpse of a commercial for CW’s Nancy Drew TV show and Dave said, “That’s a Sunbeam!” He rewound (DVR is great!) and indeed it is a blue Sunbeam Alpine. I loved Nancy Drew books when I was a kid…now I’ll have to catch up on the TV show.  Lori Noyes’ Good Karma (more…)

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