Life of Aunt Helen Swift

Aunt Helen Swift: TEAE’s matriarch has finally left us on our own. Aunt Helen has been a fixture in our club since it started in the 70’s. She never held any office but did not need to. She was simply the center piece of any United with husband Wally trying to upstage her. We all (more…)

Tiger Tom Ehrhart’s Amazing COVID Birthday BASH

So I’m coming up on 80 decades of childhood. I know, I know, it’s another milestone one is supposed to celebrate. I mean as a kid we always enjoyed birthdays. When you were seven and had a party. It was exciting. When eight, another party and just as exciting.   So OK, what’s the difference (more…)

Proposed 2020 Bylaws Updates

According to our bylaws, notice of proposed amendments must be published in the official publication of the corporation at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting or in case of a mail ballot, thirty days prior to publication of the ballot. The proposed changes were published in the March 2020 issue of Rootes Review (more…)

Denso Style Alternator for Your Tiger

If you are like me and drive your car a lot, an alternator may be a good alternative to the original generator used in our cars. I’ve had my car on the road now for about 13 years and have covered over 30,000 miles with no charging issues whatsoever. Initially I installed a GM 1-wire (more…)

Rootes Archive Center Building Fund

The Rootes Archive Centre:  the repository for the Rootes Group Factory Archives in the UK The center includes all the manufacturing drawings for Rootes products from the 1930’s to the1980’s.  These archives are accessible to members of Rootes clubs worldwide. Make a donation today After learning about the Archive Centre and its activities many supporters (more…)

What car is this?

I’d sure like to know what all these cars are. Use the table below to figure out which is which.  Then use the form below that to tell me  make, model and year if you can. I want to add the info to the website someplace.  Make it a contest. First one to identify a (more…)

Top Banner

Thanks to Fred Baum who mentioned that the banner we were using at the top didn’t match what the club had recently decided to use. So we’ve worked it around and replace the Sunbeam Tiger/Alpine and be more welcoming to owners of other Rootes marque cars.