by Jim Morrison

In attempting to return the engine compartment in my Tiger to like new condition, I found no way of cleaning the exterior of the clutch and brake master cylinders to remove the discolorations of age. As a last resort, I lightly sand blasted them with very good results.

The first step is to thoroughly clean the part of grease, brake fluid, etc. Then tape up or plug the openings to prevent the sandblasting from damaging the bore.

After a light sandblasting, remove the tape and plugs and clean the piece thoroughly with soap and water making sure to get any sand particles out of the passages. Blow it out with an air gun and let it dry.

Further protection and beauty is added by coating the piece in a clear coating. For longest lasting results, use a coating that does not dissolve in gasoline or brake fluid. I found a spray can of Rustoleum clear to work very nicely but I would suggest you test a few brands before trying it on the real thing.

The end result is an attractive alloy finish with its glossiness determined by the type of clear coat used.

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