D30 – A Reference for Autolite 2 Barrel Carburetors

by Ron Fraser in the September 2006 RootesReview: I found some additional information about cubic feet per minute (CFM) for Autolite 2 barrel carburetors. The source is “Ford Engine Parts Interchange”, by George Reid. His CFM numbers are much higher than any of the numbers I was able to find and I think there is (more…)

S27 – Tiger Steering U-Joints

from the November 2006 RootesReview: The following information for their u-joints was found on Tiger.net and should be verified before use. The cap size is 1-1/16”. The cross dimension is a maximum of 3-3/32”. The grease nipple should be on the side, not in the center.

S26 – Tiger Motor and Transmission Mounts

By Ron Fraser in the September 2006 RootesReview: The Tiger motor and transmission mounts the same as the early Mustang V-8 motor mounts. Here are the Ford part numbers from the Sunbeam parts list: C3AZ-6038-G RH Motor mount C3AZ-6038-H LH Motor mount C4ZA-6068-A Transmission mount

S25 – Tiger Ballast Resistor

from the June 2006 RootesReview: The ballast resistor used in Tiger ignition systems can be found at National Parts Depot. It is listed as a part for the 1955-57 Thunderbird under part number T-12250-1A. It sells for $21.95. (Ed note: the 2016 price is $24.95)

S23 – Tiger Crankshaft Pulley

by David Franchi in the December 2007 RootesReview: The crankshaft pulley for a Tiger is Rootes part number 6100031, Ford part number is C4JZ-6312-A. Only industrial Ford Truck dealers could order this part about 20 years ago. You won’t find this pulley on anything but a Tiger or an old Ford industrial engine. The overall (more…)

M34 – Modified Dual Tail Lights

by Phil Lindsay in the May 1979 RootesReview I recently modified my Tiger’s taillights so that both the upper and lower sections serve as taillights. Doubling the number of taillights should be good for night time driving (That’s only if anyone can get close enough to the tail of a moving Tiger in order to (more…)

C35 – Displacement – 221, 260, 289?

by Tom Calvert in the May 1978 RootesReview If the Tiger owner is lucky, he is looking at an unmodified car. If that is true, he can use the engine identification codes found on page 3 of the Ford Off Highway Only Parts Book and in various Chilton or Motor’s manuals. The engine code is (more…)