By Ron Fraser in the September 2006 RootesReview:

The Tiger motor and transmission mounts the same as the early Mustang V-8 motor mounts.

Here are the Ford part numbers from the Sunbeam parts list:

C3AZ-6038-G RH Motor mount

C3AZ-6038-H LH Motor mount

C4ZA-6068-A Transmission mount

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I have in possession an original Tiger Transmission Mount
and it looked as if I might be able to incorporate it in with my “other” Conversion Components I have designed for the 2.8 V6 Ford and Late Mustang T5 in an Alpine.

Haven’t completed decided yet how! So, I had my Engineer/Draftsman friend draw and laser cut some for my Conversion Project that will be forth coming.

The Mounts are an exact copy of the original Tiger ones. IF any one is interested in purchasing please contact me. Sell price is $200 each.


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