Tiger Engine Study

Ron Fraser has been studying all the stock Tiger engine group configurations from the Ford part number point of view. Hopefully this study will add some details to the collective knowledge base of Tigers and eventually clear up some details about the Tiger engines.

C46 – Solution to Faulty Valve Spring Design

At the basic core of the problem is an original bad design of the single spring arrangement used in the very late model Alpine heads; in our case, it was a head from a 1970 GT.

C45 – Tiger Flywheel Bolts

by Ron Fraser in the February 2007 RootesReview: Flywheel bolts for the Tiger are Ford part number: B8A-6379-A; 7/16″ x 1 1/16″ These are high strength bolts; buy a package (more…)

C43 – Why All That Horsepower?

by Jim Anderson in the January 2002 RootesReview: The Economist magazine had an interesting article recently (Dec. 8, 2002) on the physics and economics of automotive aerodynamics. It seems that (more…)

C42 – Baffling Your Tiger Oil Pan

by Bill Barnett in the April 2002 RootesReview: For Tigers that experience a loss of oil pressure while braking, cornering, or accelerating hard, the cause is the oil sloshing away (more…)

C41 – Series V Oil Filter

from the July 1979 RootesReview Are you paying top dollar for a tin can with toilet paper from your local friendly just because his book lists some weird part number (more…)

C37 – Alpine V6 Conversion

by Gary Schotland with Larry Atkisson & Joe Rodriguez in the May 1996 RootesReview Imagine an Alpine with performance that will blow the doors off a stock Tiger and embarrass (more…)