F11 – British-Japanese Union: A Toyota 5-speed for your Alpine

by Paul Almjeld in the September 2000 RootesReview: For some time now I have been interested in reducing the number of rpm’s required to run at contemporary highway speeds. Like many other Alpine owners, my first choice was to install an overdrive unit. After searching unsuccessfully in the upper Midwest for an overdrive transmission, I (more…)

C37 – Alpine V6 Conversion

by Gary Schotland with Larry Atkisson & Joe Rodriguez in the May 1996 RootesReview Imagine an Alpine with performance that will blow the doors off a stock Tiger and embarrass more than a few modified ones: 300+ reliable horses, 0-60 in 5 seconds, and under 12 seconds in the quarter mile, all with the more (more…)

Bulletin 67-43: Borg-Warner 35 Thumping Noise

GROUP: Automatic TransmissionSUBGROUP: AdjustmentDATE: 3-31-67 SUBJECT: Thumping Noise MODELS: All Models Equipped With Borg-Warner 35 Transmission Some cases of a thumping noise from the transmission have been reported when shifting into ‘D’ or ‘D1’. If you should encounter this, the following action is recommended: Be sure that engine idling speed is correct and that the (more…)

Bulletin 67-12: Alpine & Minx Noisy Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing

NUMBER: 67-12 DATE: Jan. 23, 1967 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing – Noisy MODELS: Alpine & Minx SUBJECT: Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing – Noisy Some reports have been received of low pitched noise from the clutch on release of the pedal during the first few applications, especially when the vehicle has been standing (more…)

Bulletin 67-9: Borg-Warner 35 Adjustment

NUMBER: 67-9 DATE: Jan 23, 1967 GROUP: Transmission SUBGROUP: Adjustment MODELS: All Models SUBJECT: Borg Warner 35 Transmission It is very important that correct adjustment of the downshift cable and the selector linkage be carried out when servicing cars fitted with the Borg Warner ’35’ Automatic Transmission. Unless correct adjustment is carried out, severe damage (more…)

Bulletin 67-6: Borg-Warner 35 Front Pump Oil Leak

NUMBER: 67-6 DATE: Jan 23, 1967 GROUP: Borg Warner 35 Transmission SUBGROUP: Front Pump MODELS: All Models Equipped With Borg Warner 35 Transmission SUBJECT: Front Pump Oil Leak A number of cases have been reported where the front pump assembly is replaced to correct an oil leak, when actually only the oil seal was effected. (more…)

60-190: EasiDrive Throttle Spindle Nut

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION EASIDRIVE No. 190 June 9, 1960 TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS It has come to our attention that the special shouldered nut Throttle Spindle, Part No. P117796 has, in some instances, backed off its threads and can be lost through normal operation of the vehicle. It was also found that in order to (more…)