NUMBER: 67-6
DATE: Jan 23, 1967
GROUP: Borg Warner 35 Transmission
SUBGROUP: Front Pump

MODELS: All Models Equipped With Borg Warner 35 Transmission
SUBJECT: Front Pump Oil Leak

A number of cases have been reported where the front pump assembly is replaced to correct an oil leak, when actually only the oil seal was effected.

Where complaints of this nature are encountered, it is recommended that the following action be taken.

Remove transmission.

Remove front pump assembly referring to Service Manual #139 part 4 (Front Pump Assembly) disassemble, noting carefully the position of the oil pump gears, so that on re-assemble they are returned to their correct location.

  1. Be sure the convertor rear support bushing is in good condition and is not turning in the case.
  2. Replace oil seal, part number 9102114 and pump body “O” ring part #9107128.
    NOTE: After fitting oil seal, be sure that the oil drain hole located between the oil seal and convertor rear support bushing is clear, as this drain relieves excessive oil build up at the seal.
  3. Re-fit pump assembly using new gaskets.
  4. Road test to be sure of correct adjustment of the downshift cable and selector linkage as described in Service Manual 139. Check for oil leaks.

T.H. Bullard
Manager – Service & Parts

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