Bulletin 67-54: Incorrect Stowage of Convertible Top

GROUP: BodySUBGROUP: Convertible TopDATE: May 12, 1967 SUBJECT: Incorrect Stowage Of Convertible Top MODELS: Alpine V & Tiger II It is obvious from our inspections of a number of vehicles having poor fitting convertible tops, especially around the door windows, that this condition has been caused by incorrect top stowage. Important: Lowering & Stowage Instructions (more…)

Bulletin 67-44: Alpine V, Minx VI & Arrow New Oil Pressure Relief

GROUP: EngineSUBGROUP: Oil Pressure Relief ValveDATE: 3-31-67 SUBJECT: New Oil Pressure Relief Valve Models: Alpine V, Minx VI & Arrow A new steel relief valve assembly was introduced in production from the Chassis Numbers shown below, having a thick fibre sealing washer under the head of the relief valve. Alpine V – B.395 012220 Minx (more…)

Bulletin 67-42: Tiger Modified Oil Filter Line Attaching Point

GROUP: EngineSUBGROUP: Oil Filter LineDATE: 3-30-67 SUBJECT: Modified Oil Filter Line Attaching Point MODELS: Tiger A new tie down clip has been introduced in Production to prevent possible rubbing of the oil filter line against the steering column. This change is effective from chassis number B382-001094. It is recommended that the clip, part number 9179051, (more…)

Bulletin 67-32: Modified Master Cylinder Main | Alpine V & Minx IV

GROUP: ClutchSUBGROUP: Master CylinderDATE: 2-22-67 SUBJECT: Modified Master Cylinder Main Cup MODELS: Alpine V & Minx IV A modified master cylinder main cup is now available which will correct problems of periodic loss of clutch in heavy traffic. The new main cup can be identified by its manufacturer’s number 3842-424 which is on the cup. (more…)

Bulletin 67-28: Alpine V & Tiger 260 Windshield Water Leaks

GROUP: BodySUBGROUP: Windshield Water LeaksDATE: 2-13-67 SUBJECT: Windshield Water Leaks MODELS: Alpine V & Tiger 260 As a result of a recent investigation of windshield water leaks, it has been established that, in the majority of cases, leakage was due to an inadequate seal between the windshield frame and the ‘A’ post trim which carries (more…)

Bulletin 68-18: Alpine V Engine Vibration

GROUP: EngineSUBGROUP: Intake Manifold DATE: 10-14-68 SUBJECT: Engine Vibration THIS BULLETIN CANCELS AND SUPERSEDES BULLETIN 67-45 DATED 4-3-67. When you receive complaints of engine vibration which. can normally be felt through the accelerator pedal especially at 3200 r.p.m,. it is recommended that a clamp is fitted to the intake manifold in accordance with the following (more…)

Bulletin 68-14: Zenith C.D. Carbs Loss Of Oil From Dash Pots

GROUP: FuelSUBGROUP: CarburetorDATE: 6-27-68 SUBJECT: Loss Of Oil From Dash Pots — Zenith C.D. Carbs MODELS: All Models Equipped With Zenith C.D. Carbs Where complaints are received of persistent loss of oil from carburetor dash pot pistons resulting in loss of piston damping, it is recommended that the following action be taken: 1. Remove damper(s) (more…)

Bulletin 68-13: Fluctuation of Ammeter Needle/Ignition Warning Light

GROUP: ElectricalSUBGROUP: GaugesDATE: 6-27-68 SUBJECT: Fluctuation of Ammeter Needle/Ignition Warning Light In Models Equipped With Negative Ground Alternators MODELS: All Models Equipped With Alternators; Negative Ground Only On cars equipped with Lucas 10AC or 11AC alternators and having NEGATIVE ground systems, some owners may report a condition where the needle fluctuates or the ignition warning (more…)

Bulletin 68-12: Arrow & Alpine V Corrosion of Temperature Sender

GROUP: CoolingSUBGROUP: Temperature Sending UnitDATE: 6-27-68 SUBJECT: Corrosion Of Temperature Sending Unit MODELS: Arrow & Alpine V Since the introduction in approximately mid-January 1967, of a steel temperature sending unit, fitting into the thermostat housing a number of complaints have been received of corrosion of the unit together with difficult removal. In some instances, corrosion (more…)

Bulletin 68-3: Alpine, Imp, Minx, Arrow
Cylinder Head Bolt Tightness

GROUP: EngineSUBGROUP: Cylinder HeadDATE: 2-28-68 SUBJECT: Cylinder Head Bolt Tightness MODELS: Alpine, Imp, Minx, and Arrow Effective immediately, the cylinder head bolt torque loading figure has been reduced from 48 ft. lbs. to 45 ft. lbs. Please correct the appropriate Service Manuals. NOTE: Check tightness of bolts: Cast Iron Head – HOT Aluminum Head – (more…)