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SUBGROUP: Windshield Water Leaks
DATE: 2-13-67

SUBJECT: Windshield Water Leaks

MODELS: Alpine V & Tiger 260

As a result of a recent investigation of windshield water leaks, it has been established that, in the majority of cases, leakage was due to an inadequate seal between the windshield frame and the ‘A’ post trim which carries the weatherstrip to the door seal. Before carrying out any windshield removal, it is recommended that the following procedure be put into effect:

  1. Remove the seven screws which secure the ‘A’ post weatherstrip to the ‘A’ pot trim plate.
  2. Carefully remove the weather strip and clean off the ‘A’ post trim.
  3. Drill out the two attaching rivets.
  4. Remove the ‘A’ post trim plate. Clean off any existing sealer and apply an adequate amount of sealing compound to the windshield frame.
  5. Replace the trim, riveting it into position and then replace the weather strip and seven attachment screws. Be sure that an adequate application sealer is applied between the rubber and the trim plate
  6. Sealer should be applied at all cowl seams and cowl vent body seams.

T. H. Bullard
Service & Parts Mgr.

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on my new ALPINE in 1967
i found the main problem of leaking in the COCKPIT.
Many cars were not fitted with the DRAIN HOSE from the cowl-vents
aT THE FACTORY…thus drained directly to the seating area.

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