The Sunbeam Tiger 60th:
A Documentary Film

Release date planned April 2024 The first full length documentary film about the fabled Sunbeam Tiger since Stanley Schofield’s superbly crafted The Tiger Sharpens its Claws which was released soon after the car’s launch. Made for the Rootes Group, Raymond Baxter’s informed voice over complimented well the full-colour footage. Yet to my mind the marque (more…)

Denso Style Alternator for Your Tiger

If you are like me and drive your car a lot, an alternator may be a good alternative to the original generator used in our cars. I’ve had my car on the road now for about 13 years and have covered over 30,000 miles with no charging issues whatsoever. Initially I installed a GM 1-wire (more…)

T50 – A Few Short Tips

by George Roberts in the January 1982 RootesReview: Several short tech tips come to mind from my experience rebuilding my own Tiger Mark IA and a Tiger Mark II for another chap. Hopefully, this information will spare you some of the aggravation and frustration I’ve been through! Check your flasher unit Before ripping out wires (more…)

B18 – Tiger Cooling Study Responses

from the March 2001 Rootes Review: The cooling article in the last Rootes Review garnered lots of comments and questions. The following letter from Bill Holden is typical of many letters and comments received. Bill’s comments and questions are printed below along with Chuck King’s and Tiger Tom’s responses in italics. Be sure to check (more…)

Bulletin 67-54: Incorrect Stowage of Convertible Top

GROUP: BodySUBGROUP: Convertible TopDATE: May 12, 1967 SUBJECT: Incorrect Stowage Of Convertible Top MODELS: Alpine V & Tiger II It is obvious from our inspections of a number of vehicles having poor fitting convertible tops, especially around the door windows, that this condition has been caused by incorrect top stowage. Important: Lowering & Stowage Instructions (more…)

Cooling the Sunbeam Tiger
by Tiger Tom and Chuck King

Or how we experienced three summer vacations. Click on illustration OR highlighted text to enlarge associated illustration for supporting information. You can also download a pdf of larger images in order they are used. Might be easier to carry out to the car with you. Revision: 5-3-06 by Tiger Tom and Chuck King PREFACE Click (more…)

B3 – Stop That Burping Tiger!

Stock Tigers often have a habit of burping out coolant after a hot run. Tigers like to burp immediately after being shut off because the residual engine heat causes localized boiling within the engine block. In addition to being unsightly, this habit can be expensive due to the high cost of anti-freeze. Help your Tiger (more…)

TAC session at British Auto Fayer in Norcross, GA

Tiger TAC session by Tom Hall and Patrick King from STOA at 14th Annual Atlanta British Car and Motorcycle Fayre September 6, 2014 Norcross, GA Any questions call Bill Bulpit   at  770-329-5263 Location:  Historic Downtown Norcross Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Hundreds of classic British cars and motorcycles NEW FOR 2014: For easier parking a free shuttle (more…)