The Sunbeam Tiger 60th:
A Documentary Film

Release date planned April 2024 The first full length documentary film about the fabled Sunbeam Tiger since Stanley Schofield’s superbly crafted The Tiger Sharpens its Claws which was released soon after the car’s launch. Made for the Rootes Group, Raymond Baxter’s informed voice over complimented well the full-colour footage. Yet to my mind the marque (more…)

Sunbeam Jingle

Ron Stein uploaded an original Sunbeam radio jingle from 1965 onto Youtube, digitized from the original 1/4″ reel to reel tape I have. As Youtube requires that video be added to audio tracks, I picked some random historical photos from my computer as a slideshow. Tiger Tom had this jingle on his answering machine way (more…)

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Wally Swift Auction

This auction is over.  We’re showing the pictures in case they might be of value to our readers Every nook-n-cranny of the Walter J. Swift estate and Sunbeam archives was scoured for anything Sunbeam.  A variety of NOS (New Old Stock) and terrific condition previously rejected or unused WJS spares are being offered for sale. (more…)

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A Short History of the Rootes Group

Posted in the Forum by Jim D’Amelio Provided courtesy of T.J. Higgins Just how far back is it necessary to go to introduce the Rootes Group? So little has been written about such a great firm that in my opinion we have to go back to the beginning, to see how the Rootes Group developed (more…)

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Tommy Elliot’s San Francisco Alpine

Posted by Steve Silverstein in the TEAE Forum 5/9/2005 Skip Adrian is the driver racing the Alpine in the photo found just the other week . (No longer available) Here’s the story… The car was owned by Tommy Elliot. Elliot owned a Chrysler/Dodge dealership in the 60’s and when Chrysler bought Rootes Elliot started to (more…)

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Board Minutes: March 19, 2005

Below are the minutes from our first face-to-face meeting of 2005. If you have any questions or comments, please fee free to contact me. Board of Directors Meeting: Saturday, March 19, 2005 In attendance: Anthony DiBattista, Chuck King, Susan DiBattista, Tiger Tom, Vonda Moon, Carl Moon, Robert Jaarsma, Jim Morrison, John Logan Sr., Bob Sharkey, (more…)

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