Below are the minutes from our first face-to-face meeting of 2005. If you
have any questions or comments, please fee free to contact me.

Board of Directors Meeting: Saturday, March 19, 2005

In attendance: Anthony DiBattista, Chuck King, Susan DiBattista, Tiger Tom, Vonda Moon, Carl Moon, Robert Jaarsma, Jim Morrison, John Logan Sr., Bob Sharkey, Judy Sharkey

Called to order: 1:12 PM

MINUTES: Susan DiBattista read the minutes from the 2003 meeting and they were approved as read.


Treasurer: Without a United in 2004, expenses were considerably higher. March expenses will be higher due to the directory printing expenses (apprx. $2000).

Regalia: Eric Gibault not present.

Publicity: Gary Shotland stepped down. No publicity chairperson- Position vacant.

Newsletter: Jim Anderson not present.

Membership: Lot of renewals in the last couple of months. Suggestion to call members that have dropped out. Suggestion to hold regional reps accountable for soliciting dropout members. J. Morrison to send monthly list (by state) to regional reps to contact drop out members.

Website: Jim D’Amelio not present


Elections: The Board recommended re-nominating the current Officers and Board members. Nominations will continue to be accepted for these positions as solicited in the Rootes Review.

Newsletter: Ideas on improving the newsletter were discussed and a cost analysis will be done. Regional reps were asked to submit monthly articles to the newsletter.

Website: The e-mail link will be discontinued.

United: The Board discussed next year’s SUNI and TE/AE’s involvement in the event. More discussion will be needed to define TE/AE’s involvement and whether shifting of the 5-year plan is in order. A proposal for the location of the 2005 (or later) United was presented by John Miller for Alexandria Bay, New York.

Regional representatives: Recommendations for a Deep South rep. and a New Jersey rep. were taken and there were no nominations.


TE/AE new autocross rules – J. D’Amelio to post new autocross rules on website ASAP. J. Morrison to forward clean copy to J. D’Amelio. Motion made and passed to implement new autocross rules.

Newsletter Printing/Rootes Review –Suggestion to look at hardcopy vs. softcopy of newsletter. Also how often to publish newsletter (monthly, bi-monthly etc.) and reducing cost of printing. Proposal to publish some type of monthly publication (TBD) on website. Soliciting for new editor underway. No decisions on newsletter to be made until new editor is in place.

Participation of different club members in TE/AE – A. DiBattista to ask for member participation in upcoming newsletters. Regional Reps will be asked to organize more events. Encourage members to advertise events in newsletter/website.

Concours Rules – Bob & Judy Sharkey (co-chairs). Initial vote on proposal was denied. Suggestion to have Bob & Judy incorporate Alfa-Rameo rules into our Concours stock divisions and submit back to BOD for vote. Suggestion to look at SAOC (UK) Concours rules.

Decline of club revenue/United Update – A. DiBattista has asked that United XXV budget expenses and all TE/AE events be within budget. J. Miller will be asked to submit United budget to BOD for review.

J. Millers Chamber of Commerce to send invitation & visitors guide to all members free of charge. C. King suggested displaying handmade sweaters w/club logo for orders at United.
D. Kellogg to chair Autocross, E. Gibeaut to chair Parts Rm., Jim & Pat Morrison to chair Registration, J. Miller to chair Road Rallye, S. DiBattista to chair hospitality, J. Logan Sr. to chair Tech sessions.

SUNI V participation – A. DiBattista drafting letter to other club presidents about SUNI participation and moving it closer to the East. A. DiBattista working on improving relationships between Presidents of all clubs.
5-year plan/Future Uniteds – Updated our 5-year plan. To be printed in Presidents message: notice of 5-year plan, ask for participants. BOD to establish next year’s location by May.

2005 – Northeast
2006 – Midwest
2007 – Southeast
2008 – Mid Atlantic
2009 – SUNI V

Rootes Review Elect – TT compiled a list of potential editors and their proficiency. Officers & BOD to contact & interview candidates.

Forum Feedback – Forum up and running. Easy to use and great paper trail. All communication now thru forum. A “tech forum” will be demoed at the United by A. DiBattista. Forum needs promotion to all members. Jim & Donna D’Amelio did a great job on forum.

Lord Rootes Badges – B. Sharkey to ship complete badges w/brackets when plaques are received from Dave Kulasa.

National Organization – TT proposes future talk on national organization w/BOD & officers.

R. Jaarsma talking w/Paul Breuhan on future calendar for Rootes group. V. Moon suggested calendars for sale at United. C. Moon suggested having J. D’Amelio ask for pics of member’s cars for the next yrs. calendar.

TT suggests “Survivor” tech-tips reissue. Proposal to sell binders/covers at next United and BASH.

Proposed next BOD meeting on July 9th. Location: TT’s

Meeting adjourned at 5:10pm

Best Regards,
Sue DiBattista

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