Bulletin 67-28: Alpine V & Tiger 260 Windshield Water Leaks

GROUP: BodySUBGROUP: Windshield Water LeaksDATE: 2-13-67 SUBJECT: Windshield Water Leaks MODELS: Alpine V & Tiger 260 As a result of a recent investigation of windshield water leaks, it has been established that, in the majority of cases, leakage was due to an inadequate seal between the windshield frame and the ‘A’ post trim which carries (more…)

N1 – Hood Release Improved with Older Parts

Those of you who have the “bicycle brake cable” style of hood latch release, may have looked in envy at the “solid rod” type releases on earlier Sunbeams. I know that I was always concerned that the cable might fail and leave me with the prospect of cutting metal to open the hood.

N4 – More Exhaust Notes

by Dan Cameron Originally printed 9/87 For the performance buff that is always looking for that extra HP  don’t overlook the exhaust restrictions. With the small block Ford, this is the major bottleneck. It does not do any good to try to put more in than you can get out. We have previously discussed the (more…)

N5 – Fender Well Cooling Ports

All of the engine cooling aids such as aluminum intake manifolds, header pipes and extra large radiators depend upon dumping their heat into the engine compartment. What’s needed is an under hood cooling system to remove this heat build-up when there is insufficient road speed to pull the hot air out of the bottom of the engine compartment.

N6 – Improved Cooling for Snarled Tigers

The stock Tiger hood latch is set up with a “safety catch” which holds the hood after the striker bolt has released. It has always seemed that when the Tiger was in hot weather, it would run a little cooler with the hood “propped open” in the safety position. This is especially true at slow speeds when the hot air gets trapped in the engine compartment.

N7 – “Powered by Ford” Badge Replacement

Replacing the “Powered By Ford” badges (motifs) adds a nice touch and is rather straightforward.

The shield-shaped badges can be purchased from one of the SUNBEAM parts suppliers. It takes three to complete the car.

N8 – Chrome Side Molding Replacement

Many paint shops would rather use masking tape than take the extra time to remove the chrome trim. But in doing so a lot is sacrificed in the quality of the job. Why not take it off yourself; it is easy and it will not be all buggered up when you get it off.

N11 Hardtop Rear Window Installation

For those of you installing a new rear window, particularly if you are installing a glass rear window, you may have wondered ? do I put the rubber molding on the glass and then fit to the top or put the molding on the top and fit in the glass?

N12 – Alpine/Tiger Doors – The Inside Story

The stylists’ and customers’ desires for frameless door windows on convertible cars present the automotive engineer with a number of problems and life is made more difficult when the winding window has to fit both a hardtop and a well-engineered soft-top frame.