by Dan Cameron
Originally printed 3/88

For those of you in the final stages of restoration of your Tiger or just wanting to primp a little, replacing the “Powered By Ford” badges (motifs) adds a nice touch and is rather straightforward.

The shield-shaped badges can be purchased from one of the SUNBEAM parts suppliers. It takes three to complete the car.

To remove the old badges, carefully pry edges with a putty knife. The chrome plated badge framework has small projections at each top comer and one in the center on the bottom.

As a precaution against scratching the paint, outline the badge with a couple layers of masking tape prior to badge removal. It has been my experience that the badge framework will be in pretty good shape; however, the badge insert will be bad.

With the badge removed, the plastic 260-289 insert will lift out. New badges (motifs) are available in plastic like originals or ink stamped aluminum and much thinner than originals.

To hold the metal badges in place, purchase some epoxy ribbon from your local hardware or auto parts store. This will mix like two strips of clay and is mess free.

Place a small ball of epoxy in all four comers and press flush with rear face of framework. Once cured, the badge is ready to snap back into place.

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