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Tips for Minx Series parts,  most taken from postings to the Hillman Listserve.* The information has no guarantee of any kind, implied or otherwise. Hillman Series Minx Replacement Parts and Interchangeability Information http://www.whatsahillman.com/parts.html Check out the  rest of this site for more about Hillmans.  

Bulletin 67-44: Alpine V, Minx VI & Arrow New Oil Pressure Relief

GROUP: EngineSUBGROUP: Oil Pressure Relief ValveDATE: 3-31-67 SUBJECT: New Oil Pressure Relief Valve Models: Alpine V, Minx VI & Arrow A new steel relief valve assembly was introduced in production from the Chassis Numbers shown below, having a thick fibre sealing washer under the head of the relief valve. Alpine V – B.395 012220 Minx (more…)

Hillmans on Holiday: 2007

2007 will be the 100th Anniversary of the Hillman Marque. To celebrate, the “Brotherhood of the Three Spires” is throwing a party, AKA known as a Hillman meet, on August 1-4, 2007 in Rootstown, Ohio (just outside of Akron). We are inviting ALL Hillman owners to attend plus all other Rootes vehicles (Humbers, Singers, Sunbeams). (more…)

Bulletin 67-12: Alpine & Minx Noisy Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing

NUMBER: 67-12 DATE: Jan. 23, 1967 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing – Noisy MODELS: Alpine & Minx SUBJECT: Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing – Noisy Some reports have been received of low pitched noise from the clutch on release of the pedal during the first few applications, especially when the vehicle has been standing (more…)

Bulletin 66-10: Lifting Jacks on Minx VI, Alpine V, & Tiger 260

NUMBER: 66-10 DATE: November 22, 1966 GROUP: Miscellaneous SUBGROUP: Lifting Jack MODELS: Minx VI, Alpine V, & Tiger 260 SUBJECT: Lifting Jacks In order to increase ground clearance during wheel removal, the lifting jack on the above models has been modified from chassis numbers as follows: Minx VI B 006-003800 Part #5220779 Alpine V B (more…)

Bulletin 66-4: 1725cc Crankshaft End Play

NUMBER: 66-4 DATE: July 26, 1966 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Crankshaft End Play MODELS: Alpine V; Hillman Minx VI; Super Minx IV; Humber Sceptre II; Sunbeam Rapier V; Singer Gazelle VI; Singer Vogue IV SUBJECT: Crankshaft End Play – 1725cc Engine Recent reports received from the field indicate excessive crankshaft end play in the 1725 c.c. (more…)