A2 – VINs Issued for Talbot and Sunbeam Vehicles

Rootes and Chrysler U.K. Passenger Cars All Rootes Group Chassis Codes with explanations Download MSWord document of this file here Get a PDF of this file here. Talbot 10 1936 model 1001 2500 1936 Talbot 10 1937 model 3001 3350 1937 Talbot 10 1938 model 5001 6800 1938 Sunbeam Talbot 10 1939 model 40001 42752 (more…)

On Guard, the Story of the Rapier

From Rootes Review: Vol 3, No. 1 January/February 1978 Jan Eyerman The Rootes brothers were aware by the early fifties that a replacement for the “90” would be necessary. Both the engine and the chassis were becoming obsolete. The engine was a long stroke four that had been converted from side valves to overhead valves (more…)

Bulletin 66-4: 1725cc Crankshaft End Play

NUMBER: 66-4 DATE: July 26, 1966 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Crankshaft End Play MODELS: Alpine V; Hillman Minx VI; Super Minx IV; Humber Sceptre II; Sunbeam Rapier V; Singer Gazelle VI; Singer Vogue IV SUBJECT: Crankshaft End Play – 1725cc Engine Recent reports received from the field indicate excessive crankshaft end play in the 1725 c.c. (more…)

Bulletin 60-184: Rapier & Alpine “D”-type Overdrive Oil

NUMBER:60-184 DATE: May 31, 1960 GROUP: TRANSMISSION & OVERDRIVE MODEL: SUNBEAM RAPIER AND ALPINE SUBJECT: “D” TYPE OVERDRIVE OIL LEAKS TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS For some time we have investigated a few cases of overdrive failure due to oil loss which became associated with sustained high speed driving. It is felt that to overcome (more…)