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The Los Angeles Tiger (LAT)

When fitted with the proper equipment, the Tiger became a true racer and could dominate an event while putting some of Europe’s finest to shame. This proper equipment was available from the beginning for the Tiger and was designated as LAT meaning Los Angeles Tiger.

Chili Madness: A Passionate Cookbook

From Rootes Review Vol. 6, #2, March 1981 If you’ve wondered what he’s been designing lately, this recipe was found in a cookbook, Chili Madness: A Passionate Cookbook by Jane Butel Carroll Shelby’s Chili 1/2 pound suet or 1/2 cup cooking oil 1 pound beef round, coarse chili grind 1 pound beef chuck, coarse chili (more…)


From Rootes Review Vol. 5, #4, April 1980 by Alan Richard Simon It started as a bad day… the guy rewelding the traction bars on my 1965 Tiger torched the carpet under the passenger’s seat and had the nerve to bill me $17.00 an hour – he paid for the damage, but that’s another story. (more…)

The story of Dr. John Bruney’s Lemans

From Rootes Review: Vol. 9, #10, 1984 Dr. John Bruney purchased his azure blue Harrington LeMans from a Columbus, OH, sportscar dealer on August 21, 1964. He traded a blue ’63 TR4 (22,000 miles young) for the attractive, blue on blue Sunbeam which had clocked 200 miles as a dealer demonstrator. The car was original–never (more…)

Winter Tiger

From Rootes Review: Vol. 3, #7, December 1978 Those of us who live in the northern areas of the country, where it snows near the end/beginning of the year, are often the recipients of an assortment of sneers, chides and various other unfriendly aspersions, cast by those who reside in warmer climates. The southern latitudes (more…)

World’s Fastest Sunbeam Wannabie

From Rootes Review: Vol. 5, #4, April 1980 The president of Tigers/Alpines East has requested that the club Reps send an article to the Rootes Review, detailing what is going on in our region. For the interest of our members. I would like to introduce Lawrence E. Mayfield of Madison Alabama who is building the (more…)

Racing Alpine Found!

Photos and article by Steve Silverstein First published in Rootes Review, April 2006 Parked almost 36 years ago, This Alpine early Series II raced from 1963-1968, and appears to have been driven by J. Mone. I haven’t been able to find any additional records besides from a Vineland, NJ race. I suspect the car raced (more…)

What are Batans?

By Robert Jaarsma First published in Rootes Review August 2005 Several members of TE/AE met with “B.A.T.A.N.S.”. It is a close knit group of dedicated British car owners- the British Automobile Touring Association of Nova Scotia (B.A.T.A.N.S., ). About 12 members were making a nine day run to southern New England. TE/AE members Ted (more…)

Mt. Washington Hill Climb

By Steve Silverstein First published Rootes Review: August 2005 The Mt. Washington Hill Climb is an event that is not well known, but to many it is one of the best motor sport events in the country. It’s certainly the oldest, dating to 1904. The setting is absolutely beautiful, the course is extremely challenging and the (more…)