Photos and article by Steve Silverstein
First published in Rootes Review, April 2006

Parked almost 36 years ago, This Alpine early Series II raced from 1963-1968, and appears to have been driven by J. Mone. I haven’t been able to find any additional records besides from a Vineland, NJ race. I suspect the car raced in New England as well on a regular basis. If you have any race records from Lime Rock, Bryar, or Vineland from 1963-1968 please let me know. Perhaps there are a few Sunbeams listed.

The wheels are a knock-off type. Just guessing, the car was originally raced with wire-wheels. The spokes were prone to breakage and once the SCCA allowed after-market wheels to be used in 1964 they were changed.

The car was found in western Mass. The sad part is I actually found the car 2-3 years ago. When I first talked to the owner I made an offer but, sadly, he passed away about a week later. Since I never heard back from him I assumed I had offended him. I wrote and called without any reply…. two years later and I happened to stop by his shop again and found out what happened.

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