NUMBER: 66-4
DATE: July 26, 1966
GROUP: Engine
SUBGROUP: Crankshaft End Play

MODELS: Alpine V; Hillman Minx VI; Super Minx IV; Humber Sceptre II; Sunbeam Rapier V; Singer Gazelle VI; Singer Vogue IV

SUBJECT: Crankshaft End Play – 1725cc Engine

Recent reports received from the field indicate excessive crankshaft end play in the 1725 c.c. engine.

This condition can cause premature wear of the crankshaft thrust washers and complete engine failure.

NOTE: The following actions must be taken on all vehicles up-to the following chassis numbers delivered or in stock – except automatic transmissions.

Alpine V = B395-003454
Hillman Minx VI = B006-018859
Super Minx = B034-014465
Humber Sceptre II = B132-004009
Sunbeam Rapier V = B325-001511
Singer Gazelle VI = B706-005837
Singer Vogue IV = B774-004882

Vehicles which have been corrected in production can be identified by a dab of white paint on the chassis number plate. All vehicles checked by you should also be marked in the same manner.

Detailed Procedure
1. Clamp dial indicator on to outside of timing cover so that the stylus can position itself on the inner rear face of the crankshaft pully, as illustrated in Fig. (l).
2. Insert starting handle so that it engages in starter jaw nut and firmly push hand toward rear, being sure that all crankshaft end play is taken up.
3. Zero dial indicator.
4. Depress clutch pedal all the way and record end play reading.

NOTE: Repeat operations 2, 3 and 4 to verify reading.

It is very important that the above procedure be followed to establish the actual end play because procedure (A) is used if the end play is under .012″ and procedure (B) is used if the end play is over .012″.

Oil Pressure

Check oil pressure. If below 25 PSI at 1000 RPM (Hot) or noticeable fluctuation present check oil pressure regulator valve for sticking, remove and free up.

Procedure A: End Play under .012″

A1. Start engine and run 3 minutes at 1500/2000 RPM with clutch pedal fully depressed.

A2. Recheck end play; if it is in excess of .008″ or has increased more than .002″ proceed with operation A3. Otherwise no further action is required.

A3. Drain oil, replace center main bearing rear thrust part number 5112808 (standard) or part number 5112809 (.005″ oversize) as necessary in order to obtain an end play of .002″/.006″. Clean out pan and refill with fresh oil.

A4. Repeat operation Al above.

A5. Repeat operation A2 above.

Procedure B: End Play in excess of .012″


B1. Remove center main bearing rear thrust washer in order to examine this and the crankshaft thrust face. If the crankshaft thrust face is scored or damaged it must be replaced. If the crankshaft is not damaged proceed in accordance with operation A3.

B2. Repeat operation A1.

B3. Repeat operation A2.

The following time allowance has been established for the above operations and should be used on all WRO’s submitted.
Operation Time

Set up and check end play = .5
Operation A1 and A2 = .2
Operation A3 = 1.3
Operation A4 and A5 = .2
Operation B1 – replace thrust washers = 1.3
Operation B1 – replace crankshaft = 11.0
Operation B2 and B3 = .2

T. H. Bullard
Manager – Service & Parts

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