NUMBER: 66-5
DATE: August 26, 1966


Subject: Engine Oil Cooler Pipe Fouling


In order to prevent fouling and possible loss of engine oil, the following action must be taken on all stock cars. All owners must be advised and requested to make their cars available for this service as soon as possible.

1. Remove the oil cooler feed pipe part number 5220967 (rear connection for oil filter block to left hand connection on oil cooler). Examine for chafing and discard if damaged.

2. Fit the original or new pipe, routing it over the top of the engine as illustrated in Fig. 1. Be sure that the connector from the oil filter block is positioned correctly to prevent possible fouling in the brake servo, brake pipes, etc.


3. Position the adjustable sleeve on this pipe next to the dipstick where it will receive maximum protection.

4. Make up two brackets A & B from 12 SWG .060″ thick, soft steel using the dimensions shown in Fig. 2.


5. Clip the oil cooler feed pipe to the rocker cover as illustrated using clip part number 9179055 and bracket A. Be sure that the clip is set at the same angle as the pipe. Clip the pipe to the left hand radiator attachment bolt using clip part number 9179055 and bracket B. It is very important that the clips are positioned so that the pipe does not chafe against any other components.

6. Clip oil cooler return pipe part number 5220966 to the right hand horn bracket using part number 9179056. Position protective sleeve where pipe is in contact with fender shield.

T.H. Bullard
Manager – Service & Parts

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