NUMBER: 66-6
DATE: Sept. 26, 1966
GROUP: Engine
SUBGROUP: Oil Pressure Relive Valve

MODELS: All Models Equipped With 1725cc Engine

SUBJECT: Oil Pressure Relief Valve Change

Some reports of early bearing failure and/or intermittent low oil pressure have been received. If this condition is encountered, it is recommended that the oil pressure relief valve part no. 5043949 be changed to the earlier type valve as fitted to the 1600 c.c. engine.

The pressure relief valve 5043949 is no longer available and superseded to part number 5041317 which can be identified as follows:

Valve part number 5043949 has a small plug on the center of the hexagon face.

Valve part number 5041317 has a plain hexagon face.

NOTE: Fitting of the early type valve will increase oil pressure from approximately 40 lbs. p.s.i. to 50 m.p.h. to 50-55 lbs. p.s.i. which is acceptable and should be explained to owners.

T.H. Bullard

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