NUMBER: 67-12
DATE: Jan. 23, 1967
GROUP: Engine
SUBGROUP: Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing – Noisy

MODELS: Alpine & Minx
SUBJECT: Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing – Noisy

Some reports have been received of low pitched noise from the clutch on release of the pedal during the first few applications, especially when the vehicle has been standing overnight.

When called upon to investigate such a complaint, it is recommended that the gearbox is removed and the clutch shaft pilot bushing in the flywheel is replaced in accordance with the instructions contained in Section ‘B’ Page 33 of the Service Manual.

NOTE: As this clutch shaft pilot bushing is self lubricating, it must be soaked in engine oil for 24 hours at room temperature prior to fitting.

T.H. Bullard
Service & Parts Manager

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