NUMBER: 67-14
DATE: Jan. 23, 1967
GROUP: Electrical
SUBGROUP: Test Fuses

MODELS: All Models
SUBJECT: 35 Amp, Production Test Fuses

While testing instruments and wiring circuits in Production, a 35 amp. fuse is fitted between the starter solenoid and the main feed wire. On completion of the checks, this fuse is removed at the Factory prior to release.

Should this fuse be inadvertently left in the system and the total electrical load exceed 35 amps., there will be total failure of all circuits, causing complete immobility of the car. On those vehicles fitted with alternators this can cause severe damage to the semi-conductors with subsequent failure of the unit.

You are requested to check all cars during new vehicle preparation to ensure that this fuse has been removed. If any are found still fitted the complete assembly should be removed and returned to the Service Department with details of the Chassis Number of the car.

T.H. Bullard
Mgr. Service & Parts

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