NUMBER: 67-9
DATE: Jan 23, 1967
GROUP: Transmission
SUBGROUP: Adjustment

MODELS: All Models
SUBJECT: Borg Warner 35 Transmission

It is very important that correct adjustment of the downshift cable and the selector linkage be carried out when servicing cars fitted with the Borg Warner ’35’ Automatic Transmission.

Unless correct adjustment is carried out, severe damage may occur to the unit together with rough gear change characteristics.

  1. The Downshift Cable must be carefully adjusted as described on pages 9 and 10, Part 1, of the Workshop Manual 139. This adjustment must be checked using a TACHOMETER AND PRESSURE gauge, as this will ensure that the crimped stop on the cable is correctly positioned. Incorrect adjustment will give incorrect gear change speeds, excessive slip on take off and in some cases severe downshift.
    • Excessive slip may also burn out the front clutch with subsequent failure of the complete unit.
  2. The Selector Linkage must be adjusted correctly to allow full hydraulic pressure to operate the various clutch plates and brake bands as and when required.

Incorrect adjustment can again result in excessive slip and eventual failure of the unit.

On part throttle acceleration, gear changes are difficult to detect, especially intermediate to top, consequently it is essential that this check is carried out.

NOTE: To correctly diagnosis complaints, it is important where possible to carry out the full road test procedure as described on page 4, Part 3, of the WSM 139. This is the most important phase of complaint diagnosis on automatic transmission.

T.H. Bullard

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