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GROUP: Engine
SUBGROUP: Oil Pressure Relief Valve
DATE: 3-31-67

SUBJECT: New Oil Pressure Relief Valve

Models: Alpine V, Minx VI & Arrow

A new steel relief valve assembly was introduced in production from the Chassis Numbers shown below, having a thick fibre sealing washer under the head of the relief valve.

  • Alpine V – B.395 012220
  • Minx VI – B.006 045731
  • Arrow – B.051 006069

Should you encounter complaints of oil leaks from this fibre washer, it is recommended that the existing washer, approximately 1/8″ thick, is replaced by a thinner washer, 1/16″ part number 5058200. After fitting new washer, tighten relief valve to 15 ft. lbs. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

Check for any signs of damage to the threads of the relief valve and body; replace where necessary. This new washer will be introduced in production in the near future.

The new valve can be installed on up-to models by including the filter base, part number 5058202.

Manager – Service & Parts

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