Competition Seminar at United X

relayed by Bill Miller United X participants were able to meet and share the technical expertise and experiences of guest panelists: Don Sesslar – SCCA National Champion (Alpine), campaigned a Tiger in 1965. Tom Patton – Current Tiger competitor in SCCA GT2. Larry Marzano – Current Tiger competitor in SVRA – historic. Curt Bowland – (more…)

Bulletin 67-49: Alpine IV & V, Tiger 260 Brake Pads

GROUP: BrakesSUBGROUP: Brake PadsDATE: 4-19-67 SUBJECT: New Brake Pads MODELS: Alpine IV & V, Tiger 260 In order to improve braking stability under all operating conditions, a new lining material (DS.31) has been introduced from the following Chassis Numbers: Alpine V – Disc Wheels – B 395002906Alpine V – Wire Wheels – B 395003137Tiger 260 (more…)

Bulletin 66-1: Lucas & Girling Equipment Warranty Procedure

NUMBER: 66-1DATE: June 31, 1966GROUP: Lucas & Girling EquipmentSUBGROUP: Warranty MODELS: All Sunbeam Models Imported By Chrysler CorporationSUBJECT: Lucas & Girling Equipment Warranty Procedure All Sunbeam models imported by the Simca-Rootes Division of Chrysler Motors Corporation, equipped with Lucas & Girling equipment is guaranteed by them to be free of defects in workmanship or material (more…)

Bulletin 61-232: Braking System Fluids

NUMBER: 61-232 DATE: APRIL 19,1961 GROUP: MISCELLANEOUS TO: ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS SUBJECT: BRAKING SYSTEM FLUIDS Our overseas associates advise us that since the Automotive Products Co. Ltd. has announced that a new brake and clutch hydraulic fluid is being made available this will supersede the present fluid used in Lockheed hydraulic components. This new (more…)

Bulletin 61-231: Alpine I & II Disk Brakes

NUMBER: 61-231 DATE: APRIL 19, 1961 GROUP: MISCELLANEOUS TO: ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS SUBJECT: DISC BRAKES SUNBEAM ALPINE SERIES I & II Where complaints are received in respect of “squeal” on the disc brakes fitted to the front wheels of the above model, this can be overcome by fitting special anti-squeal shims. The shims, of (more…)