Bulletin 67-32: Modified Master Cylinder Main | Alpine V & Minx IV

GROUP: ClutchSUBGROUP: Master CylinderDATE: 2-22-67 SUBJECT: Modified Master Cylinder Main Cup MODELS: Alpine V & Minx IV A modified master cylinder main cup is now available which will correct problems of periodic loss of clutch in heavy traffic. The new main cup can be identified by its manufacturer’s number 3842-424 which is on the cup. (more…)

Competition Seminar at United X

relayed by Bill Miller United X participants were able to meet and share the technical expertise and experiences of guest panelists: Don Sesslar – SCCA National Champion (Alpine), campaigned a Tiger in 1965. Tom Patton – Current Tiger competitor in SCCA GT2. Larry Marzano – Current Tiger competitor in SVRA – historic. Curt Bowland – (more…)

Bulletin 67-49: Alpine IV & V, Tiger 260 Brake Pads

GROUP: BrakesSUBGROUP: Brake PadsDATE: 4-19-67 SUBJECT: New Brake Pads MODELS: Alpine IV & V, Tiger 260 In order to improve braking stability under all operating conditions, a new lining material (DS.31) has been introduced from the following Chassis Numbers: Alpine V – Disc Wheels – B 395002906Alpine V – Wire Wheels – B 395003137Tiger 260 (more…)

Bulletin 66-1: Lucas & Girling Equipment Warranty Procedure

NUMBER: 66-1DATE: June 31, 1966GROUP: Lucas & Girling EquipmentSUBGROUP: Warranty MODELS: All Sunbeam Models Imported By Chrysler CorporationSUBJECT: Lucas & Girling Equipment Warranty Procedure All Sunbeam models imported by the Simca-Rootes Division of Chrysler Motors Corporation, equipped with Lucas & Girling equipment is guaranteed by them to be free of defects in workmanship or material (more…)

Bulletin 61-232: Braking System Fluids

NUMBER: 61-232 DATE: APRIL 19,1961 GROUP: MISCELLANEOUS TO: ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS SUBJECT: BRAKING SYSTEM FLUIDS Our overseas associates advise us that since the Automotive Products Co. Ltd. has announced that a new brake and clutch hydraulic fluid is being made available this will supersede the present fluid used in Lockheed hydraulic components. This new (more…)

Bulletin 61-231: Alpine I & II Disk Brakes

NUMBER: 61-231 DATE: APRIL 19, 1961 GROUP: MISCELLANEOUS TO: ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS SUBJECT: DISC BRAKES SUNBEAM ALPINE SERIES I & II Where complaints are received in respect of “squeal” on the disc brakes fitted to the front wheels of the above model, this can be overcome by fitting special anti-squeal shims. The shims, of (more…)