NUMBER: 66-1
DATE: June 31, 1966
GROUP: Lucas & Girling Equipment
SUBGROUP: Warranty

MODELS: All Sunbeam Models Imported By Chrysler Corporation
SUBJECT: Lucas & Girling Equipment Warranty Procedure

All Sunbeam models imported by the Simca-Rootes Division of Chrysler Motors Corporation, equipped with Lucas & Girling equipment is guaranteed by them to be free of defects in workmanship or material under normal use and service for twelve thousand (12,000) miles of operation or twelve (12) months after delivery to the original purchaser, whichever event occurs first.

If the equipment is inoperative or operates improperly the necessary checking procedures must be carried out to make sure the equipment is actually malfunctioning.

Warranty will be handled on a exchange basis only through Lucas Electrical Services Inc.

Dealer Responsibility

  1. Carefully pack defective material to protect in shipment and send prepaid transportation to the distributor.
  2. WRO for labor to remove and install must accompany defective material.
  3. Lucas warranty tag properly prepared must accompany shipment.
  4. WRO must be properly prepared and submitted to the distributor within 15 days after repair.
  5. Paid receipt for transportation of defective part must be submitted on separate WRO.
  6. All WRO’s must show Lucas part number.

NOTE: In the interest of good customer relations, good business practice and to make this program effective each dealer should carry a stock of Lucas products.

Distributor Responsibility

  1. Under this program, it is necessary for the distributor to carry sufficient stock of Lucas equipment to meet the needs of his dealers.
  2. Upon receipt of a defective part from his dealer the distributor will immediately supply his dealer with a replacement from his stock.
  3. Distributor will submit the WRO, warranty tag and defective part transportation prepaid to the appropriate Lucas factory branch within 30 days after repairs. A List of Factory Branches have been mailed under separate cover.

Lucas equipment is available through Parts Depot, Newark, Delaware and San Leandro, California.

Lucas Electrical Service Inc. Responsibility

  1. To accept and process all warranty equipment submitted by an authorized Simca-Rootes Distributor.
  2. Determine responsibility and approve or disapprove warranty claim.
  3. If approved the equipment will be repaired and returned to the Distributor for stock, prepaid transportation.
  4. All claims refused by Lucas will be returned to the Distributor with the defective material with a copy to Simca- Rootes Service Department.
  5. All claims approved will be forwarded to the Chrysler Motors Corporation, Simca-Rootes Service Department.

Warranty coverage is forfeited if:

  1. Local repairs have been attempted or incomplete units are returned.
  2. Parts have been tampered with or condition of parts indicates negligence or carelessness.

Battery Warranty

Batteries are guaranteed for twelve months after which they are prorated for a further twelve months. For example, if a battery fails after 18 months of service, it will be exchanged at 18/24 of your regular net price. Batteries that are sulphated because of being left in unsold cars and are therefore neglected will be refused. It is suggested that all warranty batteries be returned less acid to overcome freight and handling problems.

Girling Brakes

Twelve (12) months or twelve thousand (12,000) mile warranty applies except disc brake pads and brake lining.

T.H. Bullard
Manager Service & Parts

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