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GROUP: Cooling
SUBGROUP: Temperature Sending Unit
DATE: 6-27-68

SUBJECT: Corrosion Of Temperature Sending Unit

MODELS: Arrow & Alpine V

Since the introduction in approximately mid-January 1967, of a steel temperature sending unit, fitting into the thermostat housing a number of complaints have been received of corrosion of the unit together with difficult removal.

In some instances, corrosion may take place due to poor electrical contacts between the sending unit threads and the body of the thermostat housing; to overcome the problem the existing fiber sealing washer should be replaced with an aluminum washer, part #5059482.

In an effort to minimize sending unit failures, it is recommended that the washer be replaced when your customer comes for routine service. Effective chassis number is B081000100, B051010000 and B395014000.

J. J. Rivers

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