by Bill Barnett in the April 2002 RootesReview:

For Tigers that experience a loss of oil pressure while braking, cornering, or accelerating hard, the cause is the oil sloshing away from the oil pump pick up screen. As your clattering valves will tell you, air is not a good substitute for oil.

The cure is a baffled oil pan that holds a pool of oil right around the pick up screen.

Under the category of “as long as we have the oil pan off, we might as well… ” install a windage tray. Twelve to sixteen extra H.P. at 6000 R.P.M. are the benefits claimed in the original Tech Tip. The benefits may be minimal for those of us with lower revving engines. However, even a few H.P. gained without destroying fuel economy and the budget are worthwhile.

All the necessary parts are from a Boss 302 and were purchased from my friendly, local Ford dealer in July, 1990. They will bolt right on to any 260, 289 or 302 block.

Boss 302 Oil Pan (baffled) DOZZ-6675-A (about $85) Boss 302 Pick Up (screen) C9ZZ-6622-A (about $17) Boss 302 Baffle (windage tray) C9ZZ-6687-A (about $33) Boss 302 Main Cap Bolts (need 4) C9ZZ-6345-A (about $12 each) Boss 302 Main Cap Bolts (need 4) DOZZ-6346-B (about $12/pkg. of 3)

You won’t need all these bolts. The mechanic putting my 260 back together used the DOZZ-6345-B bolts on the premise that their thicker heads would hold the windage tray further away from the block.

Hope this will be of some help to someone.

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