M9 – Sunbeam Tachometers

by Paul Dierschow & Tom Ehrhart Originally Printed 6/87 Shown below is a wiring diagram for a Mk I Tiger with the tachometer circuit highlighted. Although the harnesses are different for Tigers and Alpines, the principle of that circuit is exactly the same. This is also true of most other British cars with electric tachometers (more…)

Hillman Parts

Tips for Minx Series parts,  most taken from postings to the Hillman Listserve.* The information has no guarantee of any kind, implied or otherwise. Hillman Series Minx Replacement Parts and Interchangeability Information http://www.whatsahillman.com/parts.html Check out the  rest of this site for more about Hillmans.  

E2 – Smooth Shifting Clutch Story

by Rich Bakula My 1965 Tiger (Serial No. B9473202) developed an extreme case of chewed flywheel teeth. This was probably started about 12 years ago by a starter gear, which was hanging up on the shaft. When my mechanic (Gary Turner at GT Automotive) took everything apart, we also discovered that the clutch disc had (more…)

S1 – Engine Mounts

by Ray McCrary (CAT) Those TRW engine mounts listed in the Shop Notes manual are superior to stock Ford mounts. TRW includes an interlocking piece so that if the rubber in the mount fails, the pieces catch and the engine does not fall through. The Ford mount is straight rubber, and if it rips, that’s (more…)

S3 – PCV Valve Assemble

Both the Parts List and the Shop Manual for Tigers show the PCV valve as a right angle assembly, part numbers: C3TZ-6A666-A for valve and 378754 for adapter, these are no longer available. You might be able to find one of these assemblies in a junkyard or you could make one. The adapter could be (more…)

S4 – On the 1969 Alpine GT Air Cleaner

If you look on the bottom half of your air cleaner housing, you will find that it specifies the correct air filter. You should be able to come up with a readily available unit that fits by using a good filter cross-reference book or by using this handy reference table.

S5 – Tiger Hose Replacement Found

by Scott Woerth First printed 2/82 The most stock looking radiator hoses I have found are Dayco part #666 (upper) and #679 (lower). Figs. I and 2 show the hoses positioned as you would see them when looking at the engine from the front. Cut the upper hose (the bottom one in the photo) as (more…)

S6 – Alpine Thermostat

First printed 8/82 You can use any Chevy small block thermostat for an Alpine. They are cheaper, easier to find and usually have a better flow than the stock Alpine unit. Install a 160 degree F unit in summer, and a 180 degree F unit in winter if you desire more heat.