by Phil Lindsay in the May 1979 RootesReview

I recently modified my Tiger’s taillights so that both the upper and lower sections serve as taillights. Doubling the number of taillights should be good for night time driving (That’s only if anyone can get close enough to the tail of a moving Tiger in order to see taillights.)

The modification is cheap, quick and maybe even legal! The stock Tiger (and Alpine) uses a double filament light bulb (brake light and taillight) in the upper section and a single filament light bulb for the directional flasher on the bottom. Since the bulb holders are interchangeable a trip to the local junk yard should produce a of double filament bulb holders. I got mine off a deceased Alpine and I imagine there are other British cars with equivalents. Although the single and double filament bulb holders are similar, I doubt that a single could be converted to a double since the bayonet lugs on the light bulbs are different.

The wiring is simple: I suggest that all connections be soldered and taped for maximum safety. (The Lucas electrical system is bad enough without aggravating the problem.)

Here’s a diagram:

tail lites

With the modified set-up both upper and lower bulb holders will
use a double filament bulb G.E. #1157 or equal.


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