by Ed Esslinger in the March 2003 RootesReview

If you have owned an Alpine or Tiger for some time, you will sooner or later experience clutch failure, caused by a broken steel tube between the clutch master and slave cylinder due to engine vibrations. This always happens when you are at least 200 miles from home.

I believe I have fixed this annoying problem for good, on my series 5, by using a flexible hi pressure hydraulic hose. (See drawing)

The fittings in the drawing will work on a series 5 and maybe series 4. Check your cylinders before purchase. I don’t know if it will fit a Tiger, but I’m sure one can be made up, to fit.

Most auto part stores that sell hydraulic fittings can make the flex hose up for you.

This fix isn’t cheap, won’t help you win the concours, but will help you get where you’re going.

clutch cylinder

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