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GROUP: Clutch
SUBGROUP: Throw Out Bearing
DATE: May 10, 1967

SUBJECT: Wear Of Clutch Carbon Throw Out Bearing

MODELS: All Sunbeam Models Fitted With 7.5″ Diaphragm Clutch

Some reports of rapid wear of the clutch throw out bearing have been received indicating a lack of movement of the bearing in the clutch fork.

When investigating complaints of this nature and it is known that the owner is not riding the clutch, the following action should be taken:

Check the clearance between the inner surface of the clutch fork and the lugs of the throw out bearing as shown ‘A’ on illustration.

If there is less than .040″ clearance at point ‘A’, it will be necessary to file the inner faces of the clutch fork until adequate clearance is obtained.

Before final assembly, lubricate the throw out bearing mounting and the release fork pivot at points ‘X’ and ‘Y’ with high melting point grease.
This information only applies to those models fitted with 7.5″ diaphragm clutch (except Arrow). This size clutch was introduced at the same time as the all synchromesh transmission.


T. H. Bullard
Manager — Service & Parts

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