Alternator Conversion Updated

Wow, it’s been twenty years since I first worked on this alternator conversion.   I’ve had no problems with since then.   But recently I have received some questions. So I thought it’s time to revisit and update the story.   Twenty years ago I had a low-quality digital camera plus I wanted to look and see if (more…)

Denso Style Alternator for Your Tiger

If you are like me and drive your car a lot, an alternator may be a good alternative to the original generator used in our cars. I’ve had my car on the road now for about 13 years and have covered over 30,000 miles with no charging issues whatsoever. Initially I installed a GM 1-wire (more…)

M47 – Tiger Alternator Conversion I

in the June 1982 RootesReview: A number of people have written asking for information on how to convert from a generator to an alternator. Although this is not a difficult conversion, I felt the length of the answer was more suited for a Tech Tip, rather than a Q & A piece. Sizing the Alternator (more…)

M46 – Electric Windshield Washer Control

by Tod Brown in the May 2007 RootesReview: The original windshield washer setup on our cars requires that you manually push a pump mechanism to get washer fluid onto the screen. However, as I got older and lazier, I thought that there must be a better way, so I switched over to an electric pump (more…)

M45 – Wiper Motor Wire Colors

from the February 2007 RootesReview: The wiper motor wires are cloth covered and they should be color coded as follows: NLG = brown with light green RLG = red with light green G= green +12v line I had to look at my wires under a magnifying glass to see the colors. The red was evident (more…)

M44 – A Third Brake Light for Your Sunbeam

by Paul Almjeld in the August 2996 RootesReview: I recently installed third brake lights on all my Sunbeams. I have long been concerned about not having enough visual warning for other drivers and I thought the addition of a 3rd brake light would provide an additional safety net for me. Two of my cars are (more…)

M43 – Spark Plug Facts, Myths and Tips

by John Logan in the January & February 2008 RootesReview: This article is based on a technical presentation given in November 2006 by a spark plug engineer at the Robert Bosch Corporation (“Bosch”) North American Technical Center in Michigan. Steve White of Bosch assisted in obtaining slides and permission. The information has been edited in (more…)

M42 – Tiger Backup Light Switch

by John Logan and David Franchi in the January 2008 RootesReview: As I understand, the Tigers didn’t originally come with back-up lights but were a dealer added option. It’s been many years since I have seen the switch but it should be located on the shift linkage bracket that is bolted to the left side (more…)

M41 – Headlamp Alternative

from the May 2008 RootesReview originally posted by Mark Rense on the site: Just want to remind the group about GE Nighthawk high output Sealed Beam Headlamps I had a hand in bringing to the market place a few years ago. They are a drop-in replacement, 30% brighter than a standard Halogen (about 200% (more…)