M40 – Emergency Flasher

by Larry Paulick in the April 2002 RootesReview: I had an emergency flasher in my Tiger, installed 25 years ago, that finally gave up the ghost. In looking for a suitable replacement, I found a flasher from Lucas that was quality made, priced at about $65, and was available from British Victoria. This flasher can (more…)

M39 – Alternate Dash Lamps

by Paul Almjeld in the August 2002 RootesReview: You Light up My Life! Remember that song of a few years back? It’s what came to mind during a trip to the local Radio Shack store. A quick and easy way to improve the night visibility of the Alpine and Tiger dash gauges is to substitute (more…)

M38 – PerTronix Ignitor Problems on the Alpine

by Ed Esslinger in the May 2001 RootesReview: Five or six years ago I installed a PerTronix LU-142 unit on my Series 4. It worked great: I did not even have to adjust the timing. It was spot on right out of the box. But a few weeks ago, it just quit working. I had (more…)

M37 – Stalled Alpine

by Ed Esslinger in the February 2002 RootesReview: Some time ago someone asked me what would cause an Alpine that had been running fine to suddenly stop running while going down the road? The symptoms were: the starter would not turn over, the generator warning light would not con1e on nor would the headlights. Checking (more…)

M36 – Sunbeams At Night Are Closer than they Appear

by John Logan in the December 2001 RootesReview: Sunbeams, like other small cars, suffer from having small closely spaced taillights that could lead drivers closing in behind you to think they have more time to react than they have. How can this be improved? Add tail lights! It is difficult to increase the spacing of (more…)

M35 – Ammeter Wiring

originally published as I Thought It Was Only Me in the January 2000 RootesReview: I just discovered that my wiring harness (aftermarket) did not match the wiring diagram in the shop manual (which I believe is the way the car is supposed to be) and, therefore, that the ammeter has been hooked up incorrectly for (more…)

M34 – Modified Dual Tail Lights

by Phil Lindsay in the May 1979 RootesReview I recently modified my Tiger’s taillights so that both the upper and lower sections serve as taillights. Doubling the number of taillights should be good for night time driving (That’s only if anyone can get close enough to the tail of a moving Tiger in order to (more…)

M33 – Fitting a Delco Alternator to a Series V Alpine

by Marc James Small originally published as Truly, Joe Lucas Invented Darkness in the May 1978 RootesReview If you’re sick and tired of the cost, unreliability, and poor performance of the Lucas alternator fitted to British cars, there is a simple and long-term fix that really solves the problem. An American alternator is easy to (more…)

M32 – Installing A Battery Cut Off Switch

by Stu Brennan in the March 1996 RootesReview You can shut off power to most of your Sunbeam’s electrical circuit with the ignition switch. But, there is still quite a lot of +12V in parts of the wiring harness, including portions unprotected by fuses. When my Tiger isn’t going to be used for an extended (more…)

M31 – Hot Tiger Hard to Start

Reprinted with permission from Steve Dold (Diesel Marine) from Nor-Cal SAACs DRIVEN, August 89 in the March 1996 RootesReview As many of you may know it is sometimes very hard to start your car, or should I say restart it, after you have run it on a hot day. This Tech Tip is a reprint (more…)