from the May 2008 RootesReview originally posted by Mark Rense on the site:

Just want to remind the group about GE Nighthawk high output Sealed Beam Headlamps I had a hand in bringing to the market place a few years ago. They are a drop-in replacement, 30% brighter than a standard Halogen (about 200% brighter than those old Lucas incandescent), yet the low beam is only 35 watts. I run my headlights 100% in both my Tigers as DRL (daytime running lights) and no issues with either car’s generator keeping up.

The correct lamp for our Tigers (and Alpines too) is the H6024NH GE NIGHTHAWK™ H6024NH PAR56 (7”) PC: 28153

They are sold on Amazon, by Wal-Mart and any auto parts store that handles GE lamps.

What’s the downside? The lamp life has been diminished by 10% or so. A fair price to pay for seeing better in the dark





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