by John Logan and David Franchi in the January 2008 RootesReview:

As I understand, the Tigers didn’t originally come with back-up lights but were a dealer added option. It’s been many years since I have seen the switch but it should be located on the shift linkage bracket that is bolted to the left side of the top-loader transmission.

You may be able to find the hole on the back side of the bracket where the switch would be located so that the linkage contacts it when the lever is in reverse. This should be the same as a 1965 Mustang, but I believe the switch was used on many Ford products in the 60’s that used the four speed top loader. Perhaps you can look in a 60’s Mustang manual. The National Parts Depot used to sell a 1965 Mustang 4 speed manual switch, No.15520-1 for $49.95. Their North Carolina store, toll free number is 800 368 6451. Hopefully the switch would have the installation instructions.

I’ve been told that only the MK II had the original reverse light wires installed in the rear harness from the factory. They should be green and brown between the transmission mounted switch and reverse lights and green between the switch and the fuse. If you don’t have a MK II you will have to route a new wire from the lights to the switch and a wire from the switch to any all green wire under the dash.

The Tiger reverse switch was Ford part number C2AZ-15520-E (Motorcraft #SW-407) it is quite a bit different than David Kee’s C5ZZ-15520-A (Motorcraft #SW-770) Mustang switch. The Tiger switch bolts onto the shift lever support assembly through a 1/2″ hole (the big black arrow in the photo link of the Ford parts book below is pointing at the mounting hole).

The C5ZZ Mustang switch mounts 90 degrees to the C2AZ Tiger switch. I don’t know if the Mustang C5ZZ switch can be mounted on the Tiger shift lever support assembly. You may be able to get it to work, but it might be easier to find a switch similar to the Tigers “straight through the bracket” switch. If you watch eBay these Ford Galaxy/Tiger switches are on auction now and then, and they usually sell for over $50.00. You could probably find a push button switch at a large electrical store which could be made to mount through the Tigers bracket.

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