United X – 1986 by Teddy Ax I had the best time there that I can remember having anywhere. Sounds like a lot of drivel I’m sure; but I thought hard about that statement before writing it down. I arrived as one of the earlier cars (I planned ahead for the car to live up (more…)


United X – 1986 by Dan Morris Over twenty years ago I drove an eighteen wheeler car hauler to the Jacksonville, FL, shipyard to pick up a load of foreign cars. When the dock men brought out the cars they were unfamiliar, but their name was not–ten years earlier I had a spectacular ride with (more…)

What life in the parts emporium?

United X – 1986 by Tom Ehrhart Just ask Doug Jennings (Tiger Auto), Ed Gullett (Automotive Fine Art), Jim D’Amelio (Commonwealth Auto), Ken Bishop (TE/AE Club regalia), Rick McLeod (Sunbeam Specialties), and–of course–Mr. and Mrs. Tiger Tom. Mrs. T. T. stood by in the parts room virtually the entire time the parts room was open. (more…)

Indy or Bust

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE UNITED… United X – 1986 by Bobbi Woerth Every club/event has its share of war stories and TE/AE is definitely no exception (have I ever told you about my first hour with my first Tiger? Room for that in another newsletter.). Our trek to Indy brought (more…)

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

From Rootes Review Vol. 5, #5, May 1980 by Jim Anderson There’s going to be a celebration at our house. Nothing big, just a few friends to note a landmark. The reliable friend in the garage is turning 99,999, to be born again as the odometer slips back to 00000 and we start out with (more…)