United X – 1986

by Teddy Ax

I had the best time there that I can remember having anywhere. Sounds like a lot of drivel I’m sure; but I thought hard about that statement before writing it down. I arrived as one of the earlier cars (I planned ahead for the car to live up to its heritage and break down exactly half way from Boulder to Indianapolis–but it didn’t); and it was exciting just to see what would pull up next.

Snooping through the parts room was fun–I spent more drool than money, but I finally got to meet Tom and Joanne who invited me out in the first place. And, of course, the contours and drive around the track was fun! Hell*/heck*, I copped a buzz from driving around the track!

But back to meeting people. You guys are great. I’d like to have an E-type Jag, but I have a feeling that I’d last about 10 minutes at one of their meets, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Corvette or drive a Porsche if it meant world peace (as if I could afford one anyway). Anyhow, at this meet I was surrounded by the nicest people that I’ve met anywhere–starting from the middle of Missouri until the minute I left for home. (Still waiting for some pictures, you guys) You all know who you are. Let’s hurry it up on the return addresses, 0. K.?

I don’t mean to overdo it on this topic, but leaving from home alone to meet a bunch of strangers does leave a person with reservations at first but, thanks to you guys, I had the time of my life, and I’ll tell you all again in person next year**(even if you want to hold the meet in Japan). (By then the car will float anyway, or if we have it in Europe I’ll make sure to have the bullet shield finished.)

* pick one
** Attn: Alan Alda, Michael Landon and Mr. Rogers–you may begin throwing up now.

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