C5 – Capri V-6 / Sunbeam Alpine

from the June 1978 RootesReview In September, 1964, the semi-popular Sunbeam Alpine received a massive dose of performance adrenalin. Under the careful tutelage of Carroll Shelby, the Alpine entered the scene as a conservative, suburban Cobra. Sporting a shiny new, small block 260 cid Ford V-8, the Sunbeam Tiger was born and Americans gobbled them (more…)

C6 – Tune-Up Information

by Gary Durborow I would like to tell you about a few do’s and don’ts that I have to explain almost daily to customers at the shop. Each is carried out easily and, although it may cost you more initially, can save you tenfold later. When you change the engine oil, change the oil filter. (more…)

C7 – Survival Tactics for Your Air Cleaner

by Rich Bakula Within the past year, I successfully completed another project. It was the restoration of my air cleaner’s metal housing which some of the TE/AE United V attendees may have seen and mistaken as original. The original paint was peeling miserably, but I had an excellent sample of original finish. I found a (more…)

C8 – Throttle Cable Repair

by Dan Cameron For those of you who are driving your Tiger with the original throttle cable intact you may be running an borrowed time. Worse than that, you could be in for some excitement if your throttle sticks in the open position. This happened to me recently when I mashed the pedal to the (more…)

C9 – The Right Header Gasket

by Dan Cameron When installing exhaust headers, be sure to use the proper gasket. The metal backed, over the counter variety, are generally for cast iron exhaust manifolds. Header gaskets are fiber?asbestos composition and look like cardboard. The metal gaskets are prone to leak.

C10 – Remote Oil Filter

by Dan Cameron Many articles have been written over the past several years that address changing the location of the Tiger’ s stock oil filter from the engine compartment to under the left front fender well. Providing you are not trying to remain as near stock as possible, moving the oil filter out-board has at (more…)

C11 – Water Pump Removal Procedures

by Paul Burr 3/18/91 I recently changed the water pump in my Tiger and would like to share this information with you. At first glance, getting the thing out looked like a nasty job, but once underway, it went smoothly. First, drain the radiator into a suitable container by opening the petcock at the bottom (more…)

C12 – Alpine Front Oil Seal Revisited

by Steve Finberg Of late, Alpine engines have exhibited a chronic tendency to leak oil from the front timing chain cover set. As has been explained in an earlier tech tip, this seal is designed as a slinger. The oil is spun off the crankshaft back into the timing cover by a spiral groove and (more…)

C13 – Rejuvenating Battered Cylinder Heads

by Ron Fraser Okay, maybe it is time to replace valve seats. You need: A reliable auto machine shop that can handle the job. Hardened exhaust valve seat inserts, high chromium or 60% alloy. High quality exhaust valves. Silicon? aluminum? bronze valve guides. The head should to heated to 300 to 400 degrees F and (more…)

C14 – Header Castings

by Curt Hoffman Many people talked to me about my headers and I thought I would pass along what I did to protect them. The headers on my car when I bought it were rusty with pinholes and would not pass Pennsylvania inspection. I looked at headers in other cars and noticed the same problem. (more…)