C12 – Alpine Front Oil Seal Revisited

by Steve Finberg Of late, Alpine engines have exhibited a chronic tendency to leak oil from the front timing chain cover set. As has been explained in an earlier tech tip, this seal is designed as a slinger. The oil is spun off the crankshaft back into the timing cover by a spiral groove and (more…)

Bulletin 60-185: Alpine Mud and Water Entry Into Front Hub Bearings

NUMBER:60-185Date June 1, 1960 GROUP: STEERING MODEL: SUNBEAM ALPINE TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS This may be caused by a defective hub oil seal or by a damaged `O’ ring seal (Part No. 9107088) on the conical seat of wire wheel type hubs. HUB OIL SEAL From Chassis No. B9006126 onwards a double lip oil (more…)