B2 – Summary of Tiger Overheating Cures

by Dick Guthoehrlein Tiger overheating is a problem familiar to many of us. The following article summarizes some techniques which should help cure most overheating problems. Before discussing the cures, a quick review of the theory is in order. Starting at the front of the car, the primary objective is to get as much cool (more…)

B3 – Stop That Burping Tiger!

Stock Tigers often have a habit of burping out coolant after a hot run. Tigers like to burp immediately after being shut off because the residual engine heat causes localized boiling within the engine block. In addition to being unsightly, this habit can be expensive due to the high cost of anti-freeze. Help your Tiger (more…)

B4 – Water Pump Dimensions – Tiger

The water pump assembly dimensions listed in the Tiger factory shop manual are not correct. The 260 aluminum pump is listed as 5.15″, but is actually 4.875″. The 289 cast iron pump is listed as 5.43″, but is actually 5.100″. The dimension is measured from the front of the fan pulley hub to the gasket (more…)

B5 – The Indiana Core Installation Results

by Jim Morrison 3/23/91 This report is on the installation of the Mangum radiator core available from Northside Radiators, 1313 N, Heidelbach Avenue, Evansville, IN 47711, (812-423- 7177). This core has been much publicized in previous TElAE newsletters and CAT shop notes. It was highly recommended by those who tried it with reported reductions in (more…)

B6 – Tiger Engine Cooling Revisited

by Dan Cameron There have been many articles written on the subject of how to get the Tiger to run cooler, but in spite of all the little tricks, some of us continue to flirt with the other side of the 200-degree mark. This is particularly true for those who have modified engines which directly (more…)

B7 – Tiger Cooling Fans

by Barry Schonberger When building my first autocross Tiger. I took into consideration all of the current tricks to keep it running cool. I installed a 2-3/8″ Indiana core, blocked off the horn ducts. built duct work from the lower apron to the radiator, ran a gutted thermostat. installed a six blade fan, adjusted the (more…)

B8 – Addendum to Tiger & Alpine Cooling Tales Are All Hot Air

Contact the Authors: “Tiger Tom®” Ehrhart and Chuck King The following explanations, facts and plots provide supporting details for the article published in Tiger East/Alpines East Rootes Review and other marque newsletters. The additional charts on this site illustrate some of the more significant variables we were able to quantify. Our intent is to show (more…)

B10 – Fitting Auxiliary Radiators on a Tiger

by Chuck Ingram in the April 1998 RootesReview Do you have heat problems with your Tiger? I desperately needed to do something. While at United XIX at Niagara Falls, Wally Swift insisted that I see the Tiger that was using a couple of heater cores under the sill. (Ed. I’m not sure what sill Chuck (more…)

B11 – The Magic of Cyberspace Produces Hood Louvering Experts

by Terry Trovato in the May 1999 RootesReview Last summer in Mississippi it was hot. Real hot. And since those blokes in the mother country designed the cooling systems of our cars for a 45-degree Fahrenheit rainy day in London town, it’s no wonder when driving in 95 degree F+ air, accompanied by a 105 (more…)

B12 – Full Fan Shroud

by Larry Paulick in the March 2006 RootesReview In the rush to get the Tiger out of the door, Rootes or Shelby, or whoever, did not provide a full fan shroud for the Tiger. The result: overheating because the hot air from the radiator recirculates from the engine side, down past the cross member and (more…)