by Chuck Ingram in the April 1998 RootesReview

Do you have heat problems with your Tiger? I desperately needed to do something. While at United XIX at Niagara Falls, Wally Swift insisted that I see the Tiger that was using a couple of heater cores under the sill. (Ed. I’m not sure what sill Chuck is referring to, but I guess it’s behind the front valence?). I don’t remember the owner, but the credit of this tech tip is mostly his. I thought the basic idea was great, but could use some improvement for my needs. This is what I accomplished.

I have used 2 Chevy heater cores. They measure 10″ x 6-1/2″ X 2-3/4″. The ends were split and cut open and silver soldered together. A plate was soldered end-to-end top and bottom. Openings were blocked, with openings now being top and bottom opposite ends.

Brackets were attached to the plates for mounting (diagram). This required removing the square tube (originally –hand cranking tube) from this area. With removal of this tube, you can install a larger electric fan. Not only will this help the rad, but because it is lower, it will pull air through this extra core. Coolant is routed from the manifold to the upper tube by a short offset split Y. It is returned from the lower outlet back to the water pump using the same method.

The finished core is 21 “X 6-1/2″ X 2-3/4”. This is virtually a 50% increase in cooling area. I also must mention you’ll need another gallon of coolant. I installed stucco mesh or plaster’s wire painted black in front of all this. I’ve only run the 351 W for half an hour, but it sure looks promising, as it seems to take a lot of heat out through this addition. The car was standing still with only the fans pulling air. The temperature did go to 170 degrees. I’ll certainly let you know how this proceeds come spring time.

aux radiator


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