B20 – Water Pump Removal Procedures

by Paul Burr in the April 1982 RootesReview: I recently changed the water pump in my Tiger and would like to share this information with you. At first glance, getting the thing out looked like a nasty job, but once underway, it went smoothly. First Steps First, drain the radiator into a suitable container by (more…)

B18 – Tiger Cooling Study Responses

from the March 2001 Rootes Review: The cooling article in the last Rootes Review garnered lots of comments and questions. The following letter from Bill Holden is typical of many letters and comments received. Bill’s comments and questions are printed below along with Chuck King’s and Tiger Tom’s responses in italics. Be sure to check (more…)

B17 – Simplify Your Cooling Tests

by John Logan in the May 2001 RootesReview: The purpose of this paper is to describe a simple method to use in testing and analyzing vehicle cooling performance for those of you who want to improve your vehicle. Through the years, this procedure has been used to quickly analyze cooling problems in vehicles such as (more…)

B16 – Air Dam for the Tiger

by Larry Paulick in the June 2002 RootesReview: The Tiger has an inherent problem in the cooling system design. The bottom of the fan shroud does not complete the 360 degree shroud. If it did, the shroud would interfere with the rack and pinion. There are also no seals around the other parts of the (more…)

B15 – Tiger Cooling Revisited

by Dave Spiwak (June 1994) in the January 2002 RootesReview: Having spent fifteen summers in a black MkI Tiger running at 210 degrees, I finally decided that a rolling sauna was not my idea of a sports car. Here are some thoughts on reducing engine heat. My car now runs at 185 degrees. For the (more…)

B14 – Free Cooling

This is in regards to closing the air horn openings in our Tigers. It seems that is one more step in cooling. Our good friend Tiger Tom relates this to making all the incoming air go through the radiator instead of creating positive pressure in the compartment. This may have already been done, but wanting (more…)

B13 – Tiger Cooling Hint

from the May 1995 RootesReview “Slow the coolant through the engine and expect the efficiency to improve” … So is the theory. Previous tech tips from other Clubs outline what can be done to water pumps to achieve the desired result. My tip comes from the Graham Bros. Rad shop in Toronto that I recently (more…)

Cooling the Sunbeam Tiger
by Tiger Tom and Chuck King

Or how we experienced three summer vacations. Click on illustration OR highlighted text to enlarge associated illustration for supporting information. You can also download a pdf of larger images in order they are used. Might be easier to carry out to the car with you. Revision: 5-3-06 by Tiger Tom and Chuck King PREFACE Click (more…)

B1 – Heating Solution No. 999

The original Heating Solution No. 999 published in 1980, and No. 999 revisited in 1981, 1983 and 1984, have assisted dozens of Tiger owners in the U.S. and Canada resolve their overheating problems. Here is the latest information on what some call the “INDIANA CORE.” Increased cooling with the “INDIANA CORE” is provided by the (more…)